Birth Doula Services

Every woman deserves to be loved, nurtured, and comforted as they travel through labor and birth into parenthood. As your Birth Doulas, we serve as a constant source of this support. Helping with massage, positions, atmosphere, calmness, information, strength, aromatherapy, homeopathy (at your comfort) among others.

As your Birth Doulas our goals are your goals. We do not bring any preconceived notions, or agendas about how your birth should or should not be. Whatever type of birthing experience you would like to have, we will be there as a continuous source of support, comfort, and love, be it a hospital, birth center or home birth.

Fathers/Partners/Birth Companions: Just as every mom has specific needs during labor and birth so do partners. With a doula present, partners are able to be more aware of moms needs without feeling the stress and worry of being the only support. Partners can feel free to take mental health “breaks”, to nourish themselves in the event of a long labor, to call and update people, and to have someone to ask questions of and bounce ideas off of. If a partner is feeling scared of not knowing how or what to do, we can gently lead the way by showing how and when, and by offering encouragement to not back away, but to experience the birth of his/her child.

Services include:
~We will be on call for you the month surrounding your estimated due date.
~We will be available by phone for consultation, or comfort at any time.
~You will have both Doulas attend 2 prenatal visits including one in your home.
~We will attend you during your labor and delivery once you feel you need support.
~We will assist with breastfeeding in the immediate postpartum and beyond.
~2 postpartum visits, with continued phone availability as long as needed.

Contact us for additional information including a consultation.

Benefits of a doula:

~Shorter Labor
~Decreased chance of a cesarean section
~Decreased chance of unwanted medical interventions
~Increased breastfeeding success
~Increased feelings of happiness with labor and birth
~Increased feelings of love, and bonding with baby
~Increased feelings of love between mom and dad

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