Monitrice Services

Monitrice services provide the intimacy of midwifery care while allowing families who feel most comfortable birthing in the hospital to take advantage of the best of the both worlds.

Services include:

~Prenatal Appointments that provide dual care with a hospital based provider.
~Emotional, informational, physical and limited medical support at your home during labor.
~Support during labor and birth while at the hospital in conjunction with  medical monitoring provided by hospital staff.
~Transporting to hospital with mom when all parties deem necessary as labor progresses.
~After birth support to facilitate initiation of breast or bottle feeding.
~Postpartum appointments to provide medical support for mom and baby in the postpartum.

Benefits of a monitrice:

~Longer appointments that can address emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and intuitive needs.
~Nutritional education and guidance.
~True informed consent/choice as based on the Midwifery Model of Care which includes all prenatal testing.
~Full access to Craniosacral Therapy and Positive Positioning at any appointment.

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